New Allegories

New Allegories, project by Z Simcic


Concept and realization : Zvonka T Simčič

Programming, counselling and realization: Borut Savski

Performers: Mitja Osolnik / vocals, camera; Zvonka T Simčič / didgeredoo, kaoss, VJ concept; Valentina Praprotnik / didgeredoo; Borut Savski / programming, sound effects

Theoretical-critical-activistic platform: Tanja Rener, Tatjana Greif

Translation: Bahet Kouraishi

Production: CCC Institute / Institite for media art and social research projects / CrossCommunityCreation

The performance looks like it consists of two parts – but only apparently as the contets of the two parts is compatible. The first part represents a theoretical–critical platform, while the other is an audio-visual-kinetic performance. Through this critical platform the context of a situation in Slovenia is presented: when a single-woman decides to have a child by the means of artificial insemination, although she is forbidden to do so by the state, and to form a single-parent family. What does the term »single-parent family« mean in the society nowadays? How to survive as a single mother and an artist in the state apparatus? What are her rights (non-rights)? How does the environment respond?

The second part of the performance exposes the fact that these actions play a much bigger role than just doing something against the present legislation. These actions represent an inner urge, regarding conscience and certain determination to carry out the decision against all odds. In the performing part an audio-visual orchestra is created together with the audience – a flowing structure of music and image.

In the centre of the installation there is a self-portrait of the artist with a child, in communication with the audience. The self-portrait of the artist appears in various forms – not only as a part of the projection, but also as a narrator and performer of the performance.

The Interactive audio-video performance deals with transmission of the invisible world into the visible one as well as the inaudible world into the audible one, and vice versa. Mitja, who is blind, presents a special element in the performance. He moves around with the help of the camera, programmed to lead Mitja through the space while simultaneously creating fragments of sound and image in the orchestration. The additional connection is created by Mitja with his vocal. The motive of becoming blind and enlightment is one of the key elements of the performance. Simbolically it turns back to the audience, demanding of it to be present and responsible for its acts.

It is a group creation, partially planned, and partially dependent on the tunning of the audience.

The project supported by the Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Ljubljana and Municipality of Medvode