Druga dinamika

Zvonka T Simčič: author, performer, sound and visual image

Miha Tomšič: digital visual sound creation

Borut Savski: interactive visual sound system

Nada Žgank: photography

The project Second Dynamics (Druga dinamika) is an interactive installation / performance of two different spaces, where the figure of a little child moves inside shadows created by spectators. It is a reverse image. Pre-recorded figure of a child, which is in reality an image of memory, becomes with this installation more real than spectators, than the action in the gallery / viewed space. A question turns up, what do we experience as more real, the recorded memory or what our “physical eyes” actually see?

A childhood represents an important part of our life. Things reside and rest inside us all the time, in spite of the fact, that our rational mind puts these memories aside.

The Second Dynamics is an interactive event which is constantly flashed between installation and performance. The performer is the artist herself. Through the story she invites people to a dialogue which is constantly interlaced between her memory and the critical view of situation in society of the author. The visitors are led to her own images of suppression which, through the archetype image, are their own. She tries to revive them together with visitors. In the way of the performance the visitors become a part of her reality, until in a certain moment they rise to the poetics/sublimation/luminosity of the author.