»ad utero, ab ovo«

Zvonka T Simčič / 2007 / 2008

Conceptually the project refers to a personal experience – becoming a mother by artificial insemination; becoming a mother to a test-tube baby.

Are we talking »immaculate conception«? What exactly is artificial insemination? To what degree can this be a conscious decision during the respective sequences of the procedure? Cell development and awareness. Embryo freezing. Self decision-making about the timing of the birth. The choice of genes – the choice of a partner in relation to oneself and to the apparatus of government (Re: public referendum: Is a single woman allowed artificial insemination?). What does the term »a free choice of genetic structure« stand for? What can happen to the child and her/his mother in a social environment when the woman has exercised her decision to become a single mother to a test-tube baby? What is the relation between the body and manipulatory interactive environment? The projekt dwells upon how all these questions can be carried out through art space, the space representing the bridging moment/element between the social environment (healthcare, philosophy, science…) and the artist as a »live« actress – performer. In this way a new, extended network of those actively participating in the birth of an artefact is being constructed.

»Doula« is a parallel to the traditional female role of the relatives and friends of the woman in childbed during the childbirth in many traditional cultures, denoting a woman looking after the young mother, taking care of her and the nursling after birth.

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   photos from the video DOULAS »ad utero, ab ovo«

 talk-show in the Skuc Gallery / Renata Sribar and Zvonka Simcic