Marina Gržinić / Aina Šmid, MAREC 2012

Marina Gržinić / Aina Šmid, MARCH 2012, participation in two exhibitions:

WHERE: OFF LIMIT / Madrid / Spain

WHEN: 9.03 to 16.03.2012

WHAT: Permission for the Revolution. Attitudes toward weak censorship and their modes of operation

Artists: Johanna BILLING (Sweden), Cecilia BARRIGA (Chile), CHTO DELAT? (Russia), Andrea GEYER (Germany/USA), Marina GRZINIC/ Aina SMID (Slovenia), Sanja IVEKOVIĆ (Croatia), Ana NAVARRETE (Spain), Martha ROSLER (USA) and Julika RUDELIUS (Holland). + huelgadearte&wearenotvictims

A project by Cabello/Carceller


The exhibition ‘Permission for the Revolution. Attitudes toward weak censorship and their modes of operation’ explores and debates about new forms of resistance by citizens in societies that call themselves or are nominated as democratic. The project is presented as a proposal that attempts to discuss the new strategies of content flow control, primarily studying the situation from a gender perspective, since it’s been the artists working from feminist positions and references who have more clearly modified the hegemonic imaginary in recent decades.

The artists in this exhibition contribute to show the complicated processes that construct the mechanisms of domination applied to particular individuals. These mechanisms have been softened in democratic contexts, that is to say, they are not usually exercised through physical violence as used to be in the past, but instead they have been diversified to reach a highly effective level of sophistication. In this sense, feminist analyses of the mechanisms of patriarchal domination are key to understand the ways and means in which citizenship can be controlled. In the works shown in this exhibition a range of questions and reflections that deal with the social space can be perceived, considering it not only as a space occupied by each individual, but also as a mental structure that shapes the society we are part of.


WHERE: VOX, centre de l’image contemporaine, 401 – 2 rue Sainte-Catherine E.
Montréal, CANADA

OPENING: March 16, 2012, beginning at 6 p.m. THROUGH APRIL 2012


With the participation of Michael A. Robinson, Walter Benjamin, Bik Van der Pol, Gerard Byrne, Sorel Cohen, Guillaume Désanges, Marcel Duchamp, Mario Garcia Torres, Rodney Graham, Marina Gržinić / Aina Šmid, IRWIN, LAIBACH, Louise Lawler, Kazimir Malevich (Belgrade), Paul McCarthy and Ron Terada.

Curator: Marie-Josée Jean

While the universal history of art has been revealed to be a fiction that multiple art historians and theoreticians have sought to deconstruct and reconstruct, many artists, for their part, have made efforts to expose its successive determinisms and imagine alternative histories. This attitude, described as meta-narrative, retro-avant-garde or simply critiquing, aims to restore notions of fiction and politics to the ideal museum that is art history.