Marina Grzinic & Aina Smid

Images of struggle / Decoloniality, 40.47 min., color and b/w, sound, 2011, Slovenia, Ljubljana


Following the thoughts of Dalida Benfield (USA), Nadia Granados (Colombia), Marina Grzinic (Slovenia), Fabiano Kueva (Ecuador), Walter Mignolo (Argentina, USA), José Alejandro Restrepo (Colombia), Fabian Esteban Alvarez Rojas (Colombia), Javier Romero (Bolivia), Alex Schlenker (Ecuador) and Camilo Vargas (Colombia) the video-film Images of struggle/Decoloniality refers to explicit and implicit antagonisms and differences in global capitalism. “Underdevelopment,” which is today the main matrix of coloniality, receives harsh criticism. “Underdevelopment” indicates the colonial policy for undermining new paradigms of transforming the social and political space. What we call democracy is actually a state of emergency. We can achieve a utopia today but it is called globalization, it is called late capitalism. Therefore it is a kind of failure all around us and less thoughts of resistance or a critical action based on utopia! In the work it is a lot of confrontations and parallels in between Latin America and former Eastern Europe. At the core of the video film is the point of the instrumentalization of life and resistance, with questioning struggle and solutions to the neoliberal global capitalist exploitations. Also in the work each of listed names take a clear performative position, they talk to the audience that is coming to listen to them, they provoke the audience and also they talk about a possible political situation to be identified. The video-film is in the last instance a very concrete document how to perform a political thinking; this performing is connected with a complex lesson (literally, we gave lectures/lessons, as mostly of those listed up were invited to talk in a symposium on decoloniality and art at the University of Bogota, Columbia). The participants (we) reflect at the same time on our own positions in relation to those who “are left and / or forced to die.” This is due to the global world that constantly talks about a global situation without borders, but all around we see: poverty, control, misery, war, instrumentalization. The world is global but at the same time, as Europe itself, without memory, history! The clear point in the video is given when one of the speakers provoked (intentionally) by Marina Grzinic with the question of a today situation that witnesses a passage from a nation-State to war-State, as imperial formation in the global world, answers in such a way: “The very idea of an solution is a conceptual, epistemological and language based error.” This is a key point as it is with this point that we question the im/possibility on one side and visibility and power, on the other. The video film is a visibility of the im/possibility; so we find ourselves at the crossroads of a terrible situation that is at once that of “the speed of light (technology)” AND “the illegal products of capitalism. ” The products are we, you, me, us and the world.

Naked Freedom (play) video, 19.27 min., color and b/w, sound, 2010

Slovenian title: Čista svoboda Screenplay and directed by Marina Gržinić and Aina Šmid Text in the video by Marina Gržinić (based on Beller, Kopač, Lopez Petit, Deleuze, Nimako)

Camera by Goran Hodžić, Zvonka T Simčič, Daniel Esteban Astorga Poblete Sound by Ugo Ugowsky Editing by Zvonka T Simčič Sound effects by Gržinić and Šmid

Dialogues: Slovenian and English; English subtitles

CAST: Actress: Nika Rozman Performers, members of Mladinski center (Youth Center) Medvode: Sara Badovinac Emina Djukić Dejan Koban Kobrowsky Blanka Slana Katja Škorič Ugo Ugowsky

Drawings and animations: Siniša Ilić

Music: band »Anamalija« Sara Badovinac, Katja Škorič Jam Session with Sara Badovinac, Katja Škorič, Kobrowsky, Blanka Slana and Ugo Ugowsky

Special thanks: Katja Škorič, Franc Cegnar, MC Medvode and Walter Mignolo

Producer: Zvonka Simčič Production: Zavod CCC, Ljubljana Coproduction: Mladinski center Medvode

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010


Naked Freedom conceptualizes the possibility of social change under the conditions of financial capitalism and its financialization processes that permeate art, the social, political and the critical discourse. The collective process of making the video “Naked Freedom” is about enactment of social, political, and perfomative practices. It is a collective performance for the screen that resonate with performers off screen lives. The work connects Ljubljana, Belgrade, Durham/USA and presents a conceptual political space of engagement that allows for rethinking what local community is, who can be part of contemporary communities, who is to be left out, what is the price to be paid.

In Ljubljana 7 young activists, musicians, poets, and youth workers, members of the Youth Center Medvode, a village near Ljubljana, discuss capitalism, colonialism, education, and the power of art as a possibility for politics. They as well rethinking the possibility for a radicalization of a proper life. The work is not only about to recognize the local youth power, but as well to initiate through the making of the video work social relations that will make visible agencies who ask for new possibilities.

In Belgrade, Siniša Ilić, artist and performer, deconstructs violence (from heteronormative to nationalistic) and is a connector between different spaces within the realm of culture, art, activism.

The last part of the video re-questions the non-EU citizens in Europe and the status of Africa in Europe and Africans trying to live and work in the present moment of the European Union. In this part a precise historical analysis is given to the mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion and prevention of work and life in the EU. It presents an exchange in between Marina Gržinić and Kwame Nimako. They met at the Workshop on Education, Development, Freedom, at Duke University, Durham, USA, organized by the Center for Global studies (25 to 27 February 2010), notably by Walter Mignolo. Kwame Nimako is theoretician from Ghana who lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He is in charge of NiNsee, Amsterdam (The National Institute for the Study of Dutch Slavery and its Legacy).

The last part of the video lays a wider context in order to understand the changed conditions of lives and works for the non-EU residents in particular the Africans. It shows that exists a history of these relations and that the new geopolitical reality of Europe, that includes old West Europeans and new former Eastern European states, is based onto historical hegemonic mechanisms of division that are today forgotten, but still imperial and murderous in their policies.

Mute magazine


– No Ifs, No Buts… / Depo , Istanbul, project curators: Gülsen Bal and Walter Seidl, 01.12.2010 – 09.01.2011

– BEGEGNUNGEN IN RELATIONALER GEOGRAFIE / Open Space, / Zentrum Fur Kunstprojekte, Vienna, curator Richard Appignanesi, 02.06.2010 – 02.07.2010

– Who is to live and who should die? / Photon Gallery, Ljubljana 12.07.2010 – 23.07.2010

– AKTIVNA KRITIČNA MISEL Club Jedro, Medvode, Slovenia, curator Emina Djukić // 24.9.2010

– MIT UNS IST KEIN (NATIONAL)STAAT ZU MACHEN / Kunstraum NIEDEROESTERREICH , Vienna // curators Ursula Matia Probst and Walter Seidl // 1.10.2010 – 11.12 2010

– festival / CITY OF WOMEN, Racizem, Europe, Capital, Queer; KINODVOR, Ljubljana // 14.10.2010

– Der Drang nach Osten PARALLELS TOWARDS POSTCOLONIALITY AND COLONIALITY WITHIN THE CENTRAL-EUROPEAN // Galeria HIT , Bratislava, curator Ivan Jurica // 28.10 do 1.12.2010

– LEACTURE & BOOK , launch by Marina Gržinić & Real Artel , WIELS CONTEMPORARY ART CENTRE, Brussels // curator Real Artel // 3.12.2010

– RAISING DUST, Encounters in Relational Geography // Calvert 22 Gallery, London // curator Richard Appignanesi // 7.12.2010 – 30.1




Marina Grzinic and Aina Smid are involved in video from 1982. They have collaborated in more than 40 video art projects, they made a short feature 16 mm film and numerous video and media installations; independently they directed several video documentaries and television productions. In 1997 they realized an interactive CD-ROM for ZKM, Karlsruhe. Grzinic and Smid in their almost 3 decades long collaborative engagement presented and exhibited their video works and video installations in more than 100 video festivals in the World and have received several major awards for their video productions.

In 2003 a retrospective of their works (1985 – 2003) was held at the Oberhausen International short film festival, Germany.

In 2004 a DVD compilation of their works from 1990s until 2003 was realized in Vienna, as part of the project INDEX.

In 2006 a book was published in Slovenian language about their work with the title Moments of Decision: The performative, political, and technological, edited by Marina Grzinic and Tanja Velagic, ZAK Publishing Society, Ljubljana.

In 2009 a book was published in English language about their work with the title New-Media Technology, Science, and Politics The Video Art of Marina Grzinic and Aina Smid. Edited by Marina Grzinic and Tanja Velagic. Published by Löcker Verlag, Vienna.

Marina Grzinic (1958) is doctor of philosophy and works as researcher at the Institute of Philosophy at the ZRC SAZU (Scientific and Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Art) in Ljubljana. She also works as a freelance media theorist, art critic and curator. She is Professor at The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Marina Grzinic has published hundreds of articles and essays and several books. Aina Smid (1957) is Professor of art history and works as editor of a design magazine in Ljubljana.

Videos, CD-rom, Internet by GRZINIC and SMID (selection):

VIDEOGRAPHY (selection)

• Ikone glamourja, odmevi smrti (Icons of Glamour, Echoes of Death), video, 1982

• Groznja prihodnosti (The Threat of the Future), video, 1983

• Cindy Sherman ali histerija produkcija predstavlja rekonstrukcijo fotografij Cindy Sherman (Cindy Sherman or Hysteria Production Presents a Reconstruction of Sherman’s Photographs), video, 1984

• Trenutki odlocitve (Moments of Decision), video, 1985

• Os zivljenja (Axis of life), video, 1987

• Doma (At home), 16 mm film, 1987

• Gola pomlad (Bare Spring), video, 1987

• Deklica z oranzo (The Girl With Orange), video, 1987

• Zed (Thirst), video, 1989

• Bilokacija (Bilocation), video, 1990

• Moscow Portraits, video and video installation, 1990

• Sejalec (The Sower), video and video installation, 1991

• Tri sestre (Three sisters), video, 1992

• Zenska, ki nenehno govori (The Woman Who Constantly Talks), video, 1993

• Labirint (Labyrinth), video and video performance, 1993

• Transcentrala, video and video installation, 1993

• Rdeci ceveljcki (Red Shoes), video, 1994

• Luna 10, video and video installation (The Butterfly Effect of Geography), 1994

• Zgodba o metulju (The Butterfly Story), video and video installation (The Butterfly Effect of Geography), 1995

• A3 – apatija, aids in Antartika (A3 – Apathy, Aids and Antarctica) video and video installation (The Butterfly Effect of Geography), 1995

• Irwin CD-ROM, Model 2000, computer graphic/animation, 1995

• Os zivljenja (Axis of Life), www site, , 1996

• Post-socialism + Retro avant garde + Irwin, video, 1997

• Troubles with Sex, Theory and History, interactive CD-ROM, Artintact 4, ZKM, Karlsruhe, 1997

• Dan D (D Day), video, 1997

• Zvezdogled (Stargazer), video, 1997

• LUNA PARK, interactive video installation, produced by ICC Biennial Tokyo, 1997

• O muhah s trznice (On the Flies of the Market Place), video, 1999

• NET.ART.ARCHIVE, www site and multimedia interactive installation, 1999


• Vzhodna hisa (The Eastern House), video, 2003

• TESTER, video, 2005

• HI-RES, video 2006

• Obsedenost (Obsession), video, 2008

• No War, but Class War, video, 2009

• Cista svoboda (Naked Freedom), video, 2010

MARINA GRZINIC and AINA SMID, awards (selection)

1985 – Prize for the best studio video production at the 2nd INTERNATIONAL VIDEO BIENNIAL CANKARJEV DOM, Ljubljana

1986 – ZLATA PTICA (GOLDEN BIRD) award for the best youth video production in Slovenia

1987 – Recognition for the video Os zivljenja (Axis of life) at the VIDEO SUSRETI (VIDEO MEETINGS), Sarajevo

1987 – First prize for the video Os zivljenja (Axis of life) at the 3 rd INTERNATIONAL VIDEO BIENNIAL CANKARJEV DOM,

1987 – The film Doma (At home) was selected as being among the 10 most important film-video productions in Yugoslavia in the 1987 at the ALTERNATIVE FILM VIDEO FESTIVAL, Belgrade

1991 – Video Bilokacija (Bilocation) received the first award at the biennial video manifestation VIDEO SUSRETI (VIDEO MEETINGS), Sarajevo

1992 – Video Tri sestre (Three sisters) received the first award at the video manifestation VIDEONALE 5, Bonn, Germany

1993 – Video Zenska, ki nenehno govori ((THE WOMAN WHO CONSTANTLY TALKS) received a special prize for Experiment at the Ballaton TV festival, Hungary

1993 – Video Labirint (LABYRINTH) received the award to produce a new video work at ZKM in Karlsruhe at the manifestation Deutscher Videokunst Preis 1993 (awarded by ZKM/Karlsruhe & SWF/Baden-Baden)

1993 – Video Labirint (LABYRINTH) was nominated for the Video Dance Creation Awarding at the GRAND PRIX VIDEO DANSE manifestation in Paris


1994 – Video Labirint (LABYRINTH) received first prize for original music composition at the IL COREOGRAFO ELETTRONICO, Napoli, Italy

1995 – Video LUNA 10 received the award at the SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

1995 – Video Rdeci ceveljcki (RED SHOES) received the award Blue Sole at the 10. FESTIVAL TTVV RICCIONE – THEATER, TV, VIDEO, Italy

1995 – Video LUNA 10 received 2 AWARDS, the first award of the festival 1. INTERNATIONALE VIDEO FESTIVAL IN BUENOS AIRES, Argentina and Grzinic/Smid was awarded as the best women video artists of the festival

1996 – Video Zgodba o metulju I. (THE BUTTERFLY STORY I.) has been named a SILVER SOIRE AWARD WINNER at the 39th SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, San Francisco, USA

2000– Video O muhah s trznice (ON THE FLIES OF THE MARKET PLACE) received the first award at the Video festival in Nuremberg, Germany.

MARINA GRZINIC AND AINA SMID, fellowships, grants, special invitations, residency programmes….

1985 – Realisation of the video TRENUTKI ODLOCITVE (MOMENTS OF DECISION) in the Low band studio of the 2nd International Biennial Video CD 85, Ljubljana

1988 – Marina Grzinic received the fellowship from International Agency U.S.A. (U.S.I.A) for video art research /New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco…/ (1 month)

1989 – A. Smid, M. Grzinic participated in the INTERNATIONAL VIDEO COLONY (Convention)OHRID 89, Ohrid ; realisation of the video project ZED (Thirst)

1990 – A. Smid, M. Grzinic resident artists at “A Residency on Border Culture” organised by the Art Studio, The Banff Centre for Arts, Banff, Canada; realisation of the video project MOSCOW PORTRAITS (Moskovski portreti);

1997 – A. Smid, M. Grzinic ZKM residency, production of the interactive CD-rom


– World Wide Video Festival, Den Haag, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995

– European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, 1988, 1990, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999

– Videonale, Bonn, 1992

– Muu Media Festival, Helsinki, 1990

– International Video and TV Festival, Montbeliard, 1992

– Grand Prix Video Danse, Paris, 1993

– London Film Festival, 1996

– Viper, Lucerne, 1994

– Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, 1994, 1995, 2000, 2003

– Mediopolis, Berlin, 1996

– Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, 1996

– Caixa, Mediateque, Barcelona 1999

– Viper, Basel 2000

– Stuttgart film festival 2001

– Kassel Documentary Video Festival 2003

– Oberhausen International Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany, 2008

– Osnabruck Media Festival, Germany, 2009

GRZINIC and SMID, exhibitions, installations, screenings, from 1990s on only (selection):

– Retrospective presentation with exhibition of video installations, Information Center of the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, 1991

– Europe, Europe, Hundred Years of Avant-garde in Central and East Europe, Bonn, 1994

– I and the Other (Ik + De ander) at the Beurs Van Berlage, Amsterdam, 1994

– Video Viewpoints Program at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York, 1994

– Presentation of the media installation at the ICC Biennial Manifestation, Tokyo, 1997

– Steirische Herbst, Net_art Condition project, curated by P.Weibel, (coproduced with ZKM, Karlsruhe), 1999

– After de wall, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 2000

– Positionen, Museum 20Jahre, Vienna, 2000

– Solo exhibition Grzinic and Smid at Broadway gallery 450, New York, 2001

– Solo exhibition Grzinic and Smid (multimedia, videos, internet) at Centro Arte Alameda, Mexico City, Mexico, 2001

– Recent works, 2 hours program Grzinic and Smid at the Mediateque, San Francisco, 2001

– Group show (Grzinic/Smid, Valie Export, etc), Gallery Charim- Clocker, Vienna 2001

– Group show, 100 years of Lacan, at The Freud Museum, Vienna 2001

– Kyoto Biennale, 2003

– Artimage, Biennale of Architecture and Film, Graz, 2003

– Eu and YOU, Vienna, Ljubljana/KULTUR KONTAKT, 2004

– Art Center in Seoul, Korea, 2004 (exhibition with screenings)

– Erste bank collection, MUMOK, Vienna , 2006

– HACK.Fem.EAST, Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, Berlin, Germany, 2008

– Working documents, La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, Barcelona, 2008

– Open space, Vienna, 2008

– WUK, Smell it, group exhibition, Vienna, 2009

– Open space, Vienna, 2010 (group show)

– Who is to live and who should die? / Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, 12.07.2010 to 23.07.2010

– Festival Izbruh, Koper, Slovenia, 2010 (screening)

– BEGEGNUNGEN IN RELATIONALER GEOGRAFIE / Open Space, / Zentrum Fur Kunstprojekte, Vienna, curator Richard Appignanesi, 02.06.2010 – 02.07.2010

– AKTIVNA KRITIČNA MISEL Club Jedro, Medvode, Slovenia, curator Emina Djukić; on 24.9.2010

– MIT UNS IST KEIN (NATIONAL)STAAT ZU MACHEN / Kunstraum NIEDEROESTERREICH, Vienna // curators Ursula Maria Probst and Walter Seidl, from 1.10.2010 to 11.12 2010

– festival / CITY OF WOMEN, Racism, Europe, Capital, Queer (curated by Marina Gržinić); KINODVOR, Ljubljana, 14.10.2010

– European Film Festival for Documentaries dokumentART, Neubrandenburg and Szczecin, Germany, Poland, 2010 (screening, competition)

– Der Drang nach Osten PARALLELS TOWARDS POSTCOLONIALITY AND COLONIALITY WITHIN THE CENTRAL-EUROPEAN // Galeria HIT, Bratislava, curator Ivan Jurica, from 28.10 to 1.12.2010

– LECTURE & BOOK , launch by Marina Gržinić & Real Artel, WIELS CONTEMPORARY ART CENTRE, Brussels // curator Real Artel on 3.12.2010

– No Ifs, No Buts/ Depo, Istanbul, project curators: Gülsen Bal and Walter Seidl, 01.12.2010 – 09.01.2011

– RAISING DUST, Encounters in Relational Geography // Calvert 22 Gallery, London, curator Richard Appignanesi, from 7.12.2010 to 30.1.2011

– Pieces de Resistance – Stücke des Widerstandes”, group exhibition, Kultur Forum Dresden, Motorenhalle, curated by Andrea Domesle, Michal Kolecek, Frank Eckhardt, from 28.5. 2011 to 9.7.2011

– MARINA GRZINIC/ AINA SMID; 30 YEARS: 26 WORKS IN 5 PARTS, Screening of video works from 1982 to 2011, Gallery D.O.R., Brussels, from 22.20. 2011 to 06.11.2011

– Film and Video screening Spaceship Yugoslavia, Kino Arsenal, Rote Foyer, Berlin, curated by Nataša Tepavcevic, October 2011

– Linking Positions: De-linking and Decoloniality//Video-Screening and talk with Ursula Biemann and Marina Grzinic (moderated by Walter Seidl), WUK, Vienna, 27. 10. 2011

– THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED (AND BROADCAST ON THE INTERNET), group show, curated by Chilo Eribenne, IG BILDENDE Kunst, Vienna, from 6.12.2011 to 17.02.2012

– PERMISSION FOR THE REVOLUTION, group show, curated by Cabello/Carceller, OFF LIMIT, Madrid, Spain, from 9.03 to 16.03.2012

– ART HISTORIES, curated by Marie-Josée Jean, VOX, centre de l’image contemporaine, Montréal, CANADA,16.03-20.05. 2012